Bureau Communique

Bureau Communique is a small company in the field of communication, education or presentation of archaeology and the outcome of archaeological research. For the excavation of the Mesolithic site the office in cooperation with Vestigia Archaeology & Culture history organized and carried out the plan for informing the general public.

Bureau Communique :

Laboratory for Artefact Studies

The Laboratory for Artefact Studies is part of the Faculty of Archaeology of Leiden University. Archaeological implements made of a large variety of materials are brought to this laboratory for technological, typomorphological, and functional analysis. For the post-excavation research of the Mesolithic site in Flevoland the Laboratory studied a selection of the flint tools and arrow heads. For this research they also carried out some experiments.

Laboratory for Artefact Studies :


Geophysical surveys, or non-destructive testing, is a way to gain insight in what’s beneath the soil. With active or passive detection-methods Saricon can measure differences in the soil and man-made disturbances and therefore visualize what’s beneath the soil. Before the excavation of the Mesolithic site Saricon has carried out some non-destructive measuring as an experiment to test the possibility to determine the ancient surface of the Mesolithic landscape and the possible present site.

Saricon :