Province of Flevoland

The province of Flevoland was the principal for the new planned road and therefore also for the archaeological excavation. The province was also the initiator of the public program.
Province Flevoland :

Vestigia Archaeology & Cultural History

Vestigia Archaeology & Cultural History (Amersfoort) was responsible for the archaeological contract management of the excavation (2010) and the post-excavation research (2011-2012). Beside this contract management Vestigia also designed the public program and managed the website and the on-site information and the many activities for school children and visitors.
Vestigia Archaeology & Cultural History :

Archol and ADC ArcheoProjecten

The archaeological companies Archol (Leiden) and ADC ArcheoProjecten (Amersfoort) signed for the five month excavation during the summer and autumn of 2010. In the two years following a group of archaeologists and geographers of both companies were responsible for the post-excavation research and the final publication in 2012.
Archol :
ADC ArcheoProjecten :

  • Jeroen-Flamman

    Drs. Jeroen P. Flamman