The project team brings together a broad range of expertise spanning the arts and sciences, based on a varied portfolio of multiple collaborative research projects. By its very composition the structure of the team is itself a metaphor for the synthesis of art and science as instrument of research.

Prof. Dr. Arh. Dragos Gheorghiu (PhD. History/Anthro., BA Arch., BA/MA Design, National University of Arts (NUA)).

Prof. Dr. Arh. Andreea Hasnaş (PhD. Arch, BA Arch., Art Director/set and costume designer, NUA).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dan Popovici (PhD. Visual Arts, BA Glass, NUA).
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Eng. Dr. Livia Ştefan (PhD. Computer Science, Senior Researcher).

Lect. Dr. Adrian Şerbanescu (PhD, MA/ BA Visual Arts, NUA).

Assist. Prof. Dr. Alexandra Rusu (Fiber Art Department , NUA).
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Mihaela Moțaianu (Visual Artist, PhD student, NUA).

Assist. Prof. Razvan Clondir (PhD. student, MA, NUA).

Assist. Prof. Lucian Hirth (PhD. student, MA Visual Arts, NUA).

Prof. Dr. Ioan Roşca (BA Philosophy, Faculty of Journalism).

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eng. Alin Moldoveanu (PhD. Eng. Computer Science, expert VR, Politehnica University of Bucharest (PUB)).

Lect. Dr. Eng. Victor Asavei (PhD. Computer Science, BA Computer Science, PUB).

  • Dragos Gheorghiu Team

    Dragos Gheorghiu

    Project leader

  • Andreea Hasnas

    Andreea Hasnas


  • DanPopovici

    Dan Popovici

    Glass Artist

  • LiviaStefan-150x150

    Livia Stefan

    IT Expert

  • serbanescu

    Adrian Serbanescu

    Visual artist

  • Alexandra Rusu

    Alexandra Rusu

    Textile Artist

  • Mihaela_Motaianu_150

    Mihaela Moțăianu

  • rc

    Clondir Razvan


  • hirth

    Lucian Hirth

    Product Designer

  • Ion Rosca

    Ioan Roşca


  • alin

    Alin Moldoveanu

    IT Manager

  • Victor Asavei

    Victor Asavei

    IT Expert