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TimeMaps at the International Biennale of Glass, Sofia, Bulgaria

The TimeMaps project was presented by Ioana Stelea and Dan Popovici at New Bulgarian University, during the International Biennale of Glass, Sofia, Bulgaria, on October 8, 2019.



Dear Colleagues, and Friends of WAC,

Having confirmed the list of themes, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) is pleased to invite session submissions for the WAC-9 Prague 2020 Congress scheduled to take place at the Cubex Centrum from 5–10 July, 2020.

Each session, informed by the 21 themes identified by the Scientific Committee, must be proposed by at least two organisers from two different countries. Sessions should emphasise international participation and global perspectives. Session proposals should be composed of a title, an abstract of 300 words, and up to 5 keywords. Sessions can be organised in different formats, including workshops, debates, panels, and forums. A typical session lasts for 90 minutes, and comprises five 15-minute-long papers, with 5 minutes introduction and 10 minutes discussion at the end.

The Scientific Committee strongly encourages the prospective session organisers to provide a list of at least five or more session paper presenters with their abstracts. A session can be as long as justifiably necessary. In the case that you cannot secure five presenters, then you agree to entrust the Scientific Committee and Local Organising Committee to allocate individually proposed papers that they find fit into the session. In that case, please inform the Local Organising Committee your willingness to accept additional paper presenters designated by the Local Organising Committee and the Scientific Committee.

Those who wish to propose sessions must be WAC members and registered to attend the congress. Official general registration starts on 1 January 2020, but those who wish to propose sessions are asked to register at the time of the submission of the proposal. Those presenting papers in sessions must be members of WAC, but may register starting January 1, 2020. If you are planning to apply for travel funds and have not secured funding yet (therefore cannot register yourself at the time of submitting your session proposals), please inform the Local Organising Committee at the time of your submission, justify your delay, and set a timely, specific date to pay the registration fees.

WAC will potentially provide travel support grants to cover some expenses for those WAC members from economically challenged countries who wish to organise sessions and present papers. A designated section concerning the travel support scheme will be published on the Official WAC-9 Prague 2020 website shortly. The opening of the section will be notified through WAC E-mailing list and at the WAC official website. Please inform the Local Organising Committee at the time of your submission of your intention to apply for support. To support as many colleagues as possible, such support will cover only partial expenses.

The deadline for submitting session proposals for WAC-9 Prague, Czech Republic (5–10 July 2020) is Tuesday 15 October 2019 12:00 pm. (GMT+1).

On behalf of the WAC-9 Local Organising Committee


Jan Turek
WAC-9 Academic Secretary

The house in Vadastra restored by the Mayour of Vadastra

The Mayour of Vadastra, Eng. Sorin Radulescu financed the autumn campaign of the Time Maps Project.
The house in Vadastra was restored and new furniture and accommodation facilities were added.
Several archaeological and art experiments were carried between 3rd and 8th October 2018.






Long Night of Museums, May 19, 2018, Bucharest

Afis 2018 Preview

Press Conference, French Institute, May 15, 2018

Professor Dan Popovici presented Time Maps at the French Institute in Bucharest, during a press conference organized for the Night of the Museums event.

ARCHAEOACOUSTICS III Third International Multi-Disciplinary Conference on The Archaeology of Sound


Iconographic Interpretation: Dragoş Gheorghiu
Archaeosounds and Aural Reconstructions: Mircea Florian
Animation: Marius Hodea
3D Reconstruction: Smaranda Laiu

Glass Flight Exhibition, Veliko Tarnovo, November 23, 2017.


Glass Flight Exhibition, Veliko Tarnovo, November 23, 2017. Dan Popovici, Ioana Stelea, Stefan Szabo, Ana Bradu. November 23, 2017

Time Maps exhibition at Pana Filipescu Mansion, Filipesti Targ, 26 October 2016


“The Maps of Time. Ancient techniques. Contemporary approaches”, Callatis Museum, October 5-8, Mangalia

afis hartile timpului MANGALIA

“The Maps of Time. Ancient techniques. Contemporary approaches”, Hanul cu Tei, Bucharest, 12-25 September, 2016

afis hartile timpului hanul cu tei FINAL 2