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Workshop, Vadastra, November 24, 2013

On 24th of November 2013, professor Dragos Gheorghiu with a group of collaborators from NUA Bucharest and with the help of Mrs. Laura Voicu, the principal of Vadastra School, organized in Vadastra a learning and demonstration workshop. At this event, Mr. Sorin Rădulescu – the mayor of Vadastra village and Paula Ruscu, a mayor’s councilor, were also present.
The workshop comprised several parallel short-time work sessions:

    an e-learning session via Skype Bucharest-Vadastra was held by teaching assistant Alexandra Rusu, regarding weaving techniques with the vertical loom. The children showed what they had worked since the previous workshop;
    an interactive lesson about narratology held by Elena Radoi, PHD student. She used childen’s words and experience to make her point about this subject;
    demonstations of two mobile applications which use Augmented Reality (AR) to help children discover and learn about local cultural heritage.

This was performed by professor Gheorghiu and eng. Livia Stefan. Two techniques were demonstrated: visual-based AR and location-based AR. First, the applications were explained theoretically in the classroom, then the visual-based AR was shown by scanning a QR code and images of a prehistoric house and a Roman vila rustica. Afterwards, the location-based AR was shown outdoors at the experimental camp of NUA. The children were shown and explained some archaeological artefacts, the experimental prehistoric house and the Roman vila rustica, and the mobile application which displayed texts, images, 3D models and videos in relation with this place of historic interest. The children used themselves the smartphone and learned how to use the application.
We would like to thank all children, as well as Morat Cosmina (6th grade) and Ispas Alexandra (8th grade), for their participation.

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