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Checking the Time Maps site at Burgos University

Pedro Cura and Livia Ştefan checking the Time Maps’ website during the XVII World UISPP Congress in Burgos, September 1-7, 2014. Participants trying the TimeMaps AR application to visualize a reconstruction of a Roman rustic villa. Poster Presentation.

Informal meeting

Friday August 2 at 18h – informal meeting and discussion with specialists and archaeologists from ITM – Drs. Davide Delfino, Sara Cura, Pedro Cura and PhD student Sara Garcês. Professor Dragoş Gheorghiu discussed proposals to initiate the collaboration between the Time Maps team and ITM.


In early July 2013, Prof. Luiz Oosterback and Dr. Davide Delfino from Instituto Terra and Memoria (ITM) Mação, Portugal, extended an invitation to the Time Maps team to organize a conference on the research project at the Museu de Arte Pré-Historia de Mação and to conduct meetings with ITM specialists and PhD students, as well […]