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Category Archives: Art-chaeology

The house in Vadastra restored by the Mayour of Vadastra

The Mayour of Vadastra, Eng. Sorin Radulescu financed the autumn campaign of the Time Maps Project. The house in Vadastra was restored and new furniture and accommodation facilities were added. Several archaeological and art experiments were carried between 3rd and 8th October 2018.

Dragos Gheorghiu Landart in Vadastra: Revealing the place of a Neolithic settlement

Dragos Gheorghiu, posters presented at WAC-8, Kyoto

“eARTh: Using land-art in archaeology”: “Experiential archaeology: Approaching material culture through the senses”.

The LAND ART at BARCLODIAD Y GAWRES on the University of Bristol website

ART-CHAEOLOGY AT BARCLODIAD Y GAWRES (LAND ART FOR THE GESTART PROJECT) by Professor Dragoş GHEORGHIU (Doctoral School, National University of Arts, Bucharest)

I was delighted to be invited to Wales by my friend and co-editor Professor George Nash to participate in the Gestart Project by creating a work of art in relationship with the Barclodiad y Gawres monument. The goal was to propose a new image of the Welsh Neolithic monument, as well as to enhance the […]