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Category Archives: Vadastra School

The house in Vadastra restored by the Mayour of Vadastra

The Mayour of Vadastra, Eng. Sorin Radulescu financed the autumn campaign of the Time Maps Project. The house in Vadastra was restored and new furniture and accommodation facilities were added. Several archaeological and art experiments were carried between 3rd and 8th October 2018.

Videoconference May 18, 2016

A Skype videoconference was organized by NUA on May 18, at which participated teachers and children from Vadastra and Luica School, Alexandra Rusu and Livia Stefan from NUA.

Children from Vadastra School using the TimeMaps AR Applications

Children from Vadastra School scanning with smartphones the QR barcodes of videos with ancient technologies produced by Time Maps Project. Vadastra, September 2014

Time Maps project 2014 Summer Campaign

Given the need of a process approach and the expansion of the last year’s workshop initiative on August 02 – 03, 2014, several new meetings took place in the Vădastra village within the TimeMaps summer campaigns. The intention of these meetings was to facilitate the demonstration and experimentation of the learning applications for mobile devices […]

Workshop, Vadastra, November 24, 2013

On 24th of November 2013, professor Dragos Gheorghiu with a group of collaborators from NUA Bucharest and with the help of Mrs. Laura Voicu, the principal of Vadastra School, organized in Vadastra a learning and demonstration workshop. At this event, Mr. Sorin Rădulescu – the mayor of Vadastra village and Paula Ruscu, a mayor’s councilor, […]