Art Experiments


Firing an up-draught kiln, March 2023

During the last week of March 2023, Professors Ovidiu Ionescu and Dragoş Gheorghiu, together with ceramist Anca Mihăila carried two experiments with glazed ceramics with the kiln built in the school’s courtyard.

Fig. 8. From left to right: Professors Ovidiu Ionescu, Mihaela Vâlcu, Inspector Professor Magdalena Baciu-Iacob, Anca Mihăila, and the Director of the Albeşti school Professor Cristian Vlad.


Firing an up-draught kiln, 18.11.2022 : Professors Ovidiu Ionescu and Dragos Gheorghiu; Artwork by Anca Mihaila.
Participants: Professors Mihaela Valcu and Vasile Filip, and Mayor Gheorghe Moldovan.


Firing an an up-draught kiln, 11-14.10, 2021. Participants: Professors Ovidiu Ionescu and Dragos Gheorghiu; Students Denisa Tocan, Anca Mihaila, Diana Andreea Dumitriu



The building of an up-draught kiln, 30-08 – 02.09,2021, Professors Ovidiu Ionescu and Dragos Gheorghiu