On The Bends of Astonishment

Photography, Landscape and Territory

Photographic Residence in the Territory of Mação
Project developed by
ITM/CEFT – Casa dos Cubos

Period of development
20th November 2019 – 8th March 2019

Final Products
Photographic Exhibition
Photography and Territory Workshop

Gesture and Landscape

Experimental Archaeology

Project development
The Gesture and Landscape project is an ephemeral museum and was made from a series of experiments filmed and photographed on the banks of the Tagus River. The project is a collaboration between the Instituto Terra e Memória (ITM) Mação, and students from the Department of Video Cinematography and Documentation at the Abrantes School of Technology. The archaeological experiment led by Pedro Cura in May 2019, tries to capture the representative gestures for each prehistoric technology, starting from the process of lighting fire, building tools, modeling clay or woodworking. This archeology of gestures, in the form of a spectacle, helps to transcend time, reproducing people’s lives and habits, thousands of years ago.

Project manager: Sara Cura and Pedro Cura – ITM
Performance: Pedro Cura – ITM
Photographic documentation: Mihaela Georgiana Moțăianu – PhD Student at NUA Bucharest

Period of development
13th May – 16th May 2019

Sara Cura (Senior Researcher – Lithic and quaternary Laboratory at ITM), Pedro Cura (Experimentalist), Luiz Oosterbeek (Professor Coordenador UNESCO Chairholder in Humanities and Cultural Integrated Landscape Management), ITM – Instituto Terra e Memória, NUA – National University of Arts Bucharest.