Students discuss the future of Sfiştofca with villagers, 2016
After four days student have seen local circumstances and start to understand the challenges of improving the situation for the local inhabitants in Sfiştofca. They come up with plans and discuss with the locals who shall benefit from their ideas. Coordinated by Meinhard Breiling.

Shelter for workshops, 2014

Glass workshop

Metal workshop

Preparing the implementation of Time Maps

Preparing the shelter

Glass engraving
In the year 2014 I got a chance to participate on the project Time Maps, thanks to graduated student Ioana Stelea, who I met in Czech republic as a curious student of engraved glass.
All the information I could have before I came to Romania were in progress still, so I couldn’t know exactly, what will be my work, how can I be an important and useful part of the project.
All the troubles has been solved immediately after we came to the village Sfistofca, where we represented our skills of glass engraving to another students and especially to children from a few surrounding villages,who came during their school time.
Despite the time we all have spent on the way and during preparation of the project, we have shown to the new generation of young people from slowly dying villages, that there can be enlighted future in learning and doing new things.
It wasn’t needed to encourage all the little and curious children too much to use the equipment we brought to engrave glass. I was really surprised and excited, how brave these children became and how fast let their fantasy work on the glass surface.
Although the time of our wonderful meeting passed very quickly, I will barely forget all those happy faces, fun and playfull moments between funny and happy children.
I want and I do believe that we have influenced their imagination of the future and if even one of these kids become an artist or craftman, all the project makes sense, because we have helped to change the world-world of one beauty human being.
P.S.: Thanks to all who allowed me to be a part of this wonderful experience.
Jaroslav Šara