Maria Grazia Melis, società Oben s.r.l., Spin-Off dell’Università di Sassari (

Completed a Specialisation degree in Prehistoric Archaeology in 1990 and holds a Ph.D. in Prehistoric Archaeology since 1996 (the “La Sapienza” University of Rome). Assistant professor at the scientific area L-Ant/01, at the University of Sassari since 1.01.01, liaised with the Department of History, Human Sciences and Education.
Member of the Erasmus Committee of the University of Sassari and international mobility Delegate (European and extra-European, Erasmus and Ulysses programmes) of the Department of History, Human Sciences and Education.
Lecturer in Palethnology for the laurea magistrale in Archaeology. Lecturer in Methodology of archaeological research at the Post-Graduate School of underwater Archaeology and Mediterranean coastlines “Nesiotikà” (University of Sassari). Lecturer at the Doctorate School of History, culture and literature of the Mediterranean (University of Sassari).
Member of C.I.A.I.M.O. (Interdepartmental Centre of Research for the Archaeology of the Islands of the Western Mediterranean) – University of Sassari and of C.I.R.TE.BE.C. (Inter-University Centre of research of technology in Heritage). Ordinary member of the I.I.P.P. (Italian Institute of Prehistory and Proto-history). Researcher attached to LAMPEA (Laboratoire méditerranéen de Préhistoire (Europe – Afrique) – UMR 7269 AIX-en-Provence (France).
Coordinator of national and international research projects and archaeological excavations. Author of roughly 120 scientific publications.
Principal research fields: Prehistory and Proto-history of the Western Mediterranean (Southern France, Corsica, Tyrrhenian Italy, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands and Tunisia); Archaeology of island environments; the Eneolithic: chronology, analysis of craft production (in particular pottery, spinning and weaving), settlements, sacred places and burials, man and the natural environment, contact and exchange in the Mediterranean.


Maria Grazia Melis
Alessandra Celant
Marco Zedda
Laura Manca
Daniel Albero Santacreu

Lecturer Assistant in the Area of Prehistory of the University of the Balearic Islands (UIB, Spain) since 2011. BA degree (2005), MA degree (2007) and European Ph. D. in prehistory and archaeology (2011) from the University of Granada (UGR) with the thesis Technological, social and functional characterization of prehistoric ceramics from west and east Mallorca (1700-50 BC).
He is permanent member of ArqueoUIB (Research Group in Material Culture and Archaeological Heritage) since 2001 and has carried out several research stays in the Estación Experimental del Zaidín – CSIC (2006), The British Museum (2007), The University of Ghana (2010, 2011) and the Department of Archaeology of the University of Sheffield (2011). He has participated in several research projects mainly focused on the prehistory of the Balearic Islands and the technological study of archaeological ceramics through archaeometric analysis. He has also conducted various archaeological projects abroad performing ethnoarchaeological studies in Upper east Ghana. He has taken part in more than 20 archaeological excavations and is currently co-director of the excavations developed in the archaeological sites of Navetiforme Alemany and Puig de Sa Morisca in Mallorca.
Author of over 50 publications (books, book chapters, articles, etc.) has also participated in near 25 national and international conferences.
Among the main research lines that currently develops should be highlighted the technological study of archaeological materials through theoretical frameworks from the anthropology of techniques. This perspective is combined with methods such as petrology as well as chemical, mineralogical, microstructural and paleontological analysis in the study of Bronze and Iron Age ceramics from the Balearic Islands, Neolithic ceramics of Sardinia, argaric pottery from east Andalusia, ethnoarchaeological pottery from Ghana, characterization of raw materials, glass, etc.


Team: Maria Grazia Melis, Alessandra Celant, Marco Zedda, Laura Manca, Marie Elise Porqueddu, Maria Giovanna De Martini, Antonella Dessole, Oben s.r.l., Spin-Off from Sassari University (
Marie Elise Porqueddu, doctoral student, Aix-Marseille university ( she is developing experimental activities for reconstructing the digging techniques of S’Elighe Entosu’ ipogei, experimental reproduction of digging spikes, analysis and experimental reproduction of digging traces)
Maria Giovanna De Martini, doctoral student, Sassari University (she is developing the technological study of S’Elighe Entosu ceramic, also with experimental activities)
Antonella Dessole, Masteral degree (she is developing the technological study of S’Elighe Entosu ceramic, also with experimental activities)

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    Maria Grazia Melis

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