Dr. Sorin Hermon, Assistant professor – The Cyprus Institute Sorin Hermon

Dr. Anna Depalmas Professor of European Protohistory – University of Sassari (Italy).

Giancarlo Iannone, Research Technical Assistant – The Cyprus Institute

Marina Faka, Research Technical Specialist – The Cyprus Institute

Dr. Atzeni Isabella, archaeologist, independent researcher.

Dr. Maria Dolores Vico Lopez, Post – doctoral Fellow, The Cyprus Institute

  • sorin hermon

    Sorin Hermon

  • Anna Depalmas

    Anna Depalmas

  • giancarlo iannone

    Giancarlo Iannone

  • marina faka

    Marina Faka

  • izabella atzeni

    Isabella Atzeni

  • lola_vico

    Maria Dolores Vico Lopez