Glass engraving. Coordinators: Ioana Stelea with Ana Brad


Workshop on Second Life. December 16th, 2016

Art Therapy

A special case of validation of the project approach was the application of the working methods and the experimentation of the virtual spaces at the Special School Valenii de Munte, where the team worked with children afflicted by mental handicaps of varying degrees. Two workshops where organized involving traditional technologies, the objectives being to test the simplest methods of transmission of the technical information, and the organization of an exhibition at the Cultural Center during the International Festival of theater and masques for primary and secondary schools.

The workshops were organized on the 11th of June, and the 26th of September 2016, when the Time Maps team (Dan Popovici, Paula Barbu, Livia Stefan) and contributors (Ioana Stelea si Marius Hodea) provided sessions of art therapy.

The same types of experiments were continued with another special school; a group of NUA artists coordinated by Assoc. Prof. Dan Popovici organized a workshop and an exhibition on the 25th of October at the Pana Filipescu Mansion, for the children of the Filipestii de Targ Special School.
Assoc.Prof. Ilie Rusu and Ovidiu Ionescu modeled clay, PhD student Ioana Stelea and Assoc. Prof. Dan Popovici engraved glass and presented the Time Maps project web pages. PhD student Alina Gurguta continued the former lesson from Valenii de Munte, coordinated by Assoc Prof. Paula Barbu, producing objects made of threads. Another event was the public presentation of the Valenii de Munte web page by Prof. Monica Ene, the coordinator of the Valenii de Munte webpage.
Following the success of these initial endeavors, the NUA will continue to be involved in the future in order to offer courses of art therapy.

The presentation of Time Maps Project to the school children from the Filipesti Targ Special School, Pana Filipescu Mansion, 26 October 2016

Workshop on costume making, Alina Gurguta, Pana Filipescu Mansion, 26 October 2016

Workshop on clay modeling, Ilie Rusu, Pana Filipescu Mansion, 26 October 2016

Workshop on glass engraving, Dan Popovici and Ioana Stelea, Pana Filipescu Mansion, 26 October 2016

Workshop at the Special School, Valenii de Munte, 11 June, 2016