Past and contemporary materialities along the Tagus

The draft TimeMaps for Abrantes community are two types of Heritage: historical-archaeological, historical and ethnographic. These are linked by the fact that are the traditional materiality of Abrantes land. Mobil materiality and immobile materiality. Materiality of past civilizations, but which have contributed to the formation of modern Abrantes; materiality of yesteryear that represent the identity of the abrantine community still alive. Archaeological sites and materials, that make over the centuries work, technologies, symbolism, ritual and power in the land of Abrantes. Materials, production sites and traditional crafts that represent the abrantine identity that can be evaluated.

The materiality of ancient and contemporary age have another common link: the Tagus River. A highway of water exploited for thousands of years, which allowed importing and exporting, that the construction of identity of Abrantes was complete.

The Tagus was not only a waterway that has fostered over the centuries the exit and entry of raw materials, technologies and products. It also allowed the supply of the great wealth of Abrantes in antiquity: the gold.